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Privacy & Data Protection Policy -(EU General Data Protection Regulations)

1. I am required by the EU General Data Protection Regulations (Articles 5 & 6) to explain to you the lawful basis upon which I process your data. I will only collect, handle and store your data once you have:

a. instructed me to act;

b. provided me with the data I have requested from you;

c. agreed to me beginning work on your case.

2. The data you provide to me is used for the sole purpose of assisting you with your dispute, and therefore performing my obligations under the contract I have with you (Article 6(1)b). It is used for no other purpose, and is not shared with any person or entity, either inside or outside my organisation.

3. Your data is not processed at Small Claims Assistance by any automated system, and is used purely for the purposes of processing by myself in the provision of bespoke legal advice and the drafting of letters and documents for you.

4. Your data is kept in a form which identifies you (the "data subject") for no longer than is necessary to complete the work you have instructed me to do for you. Your data is also kept and backed up securely, in both cases off-line. No other person or organisation has access to the data that you provide to me. The only entity with whom I share data provided to me by you, is you.

5. Your data will be retained by me, and will be securely stored. Once your case is closed, your data will be stored electronically for 6 years after which it will be deleted. Any paper documentation submitted by you will, on closing, be scanned and the paper shredded, and the electronic files stored for 6 years. Once your dispute or case is completed, your data will be stored only, and will not be processed or shared.

6. From time to time, inaccuracies with personal data become apparent. At Small Claims Assistance, these are corrected as and when they become apparent.

7. I do not process "Special Categories" of data, as defined under Article 9 of the EU GDPR.

8. You have the right to:

a. Request from me access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, or restriction of processing concerning your data, or to object to processing of your data, as well as the right to data portability. Any such request must be submitted by email to my email address as follows: (Article 13(2)b)

Responses to such requests will be provided free of charge on the first occasion for each request. The second occasion for the same request, and any requests for the same information thereafter, will be charged at £35 plus VAT for each request.

Requests for different information will be dealt with on the same basis as the above.

b. File a complaint with the regulator - The Information Commissioner's Office;

c. Ask me to erase your data - If you decide that you do not wish me to continue carrying out work for you, or if your work is finished, and you wish me to delete all of your data held by me, you must notify me by email to my email address as follows:

Your request will be carried out within 28 days.

If you wish me to continue working for you, but require me to delete all data relating to you, thereby preventing me from completing performance of my obligations to you under the contract, I will comply with your request, but your request will amount to breach of contract (S7(c) terms and conditions), and you will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid to me.

d. Data portability - if you request the provision of data you have provided to me to be returned to you, for onward transmission to others or not, I will provide that data either in MS Word or Adobe Pdf formats.

NB: Article 20(2) - I will not transfer data to other parties on your behalf, except with your express written consent, and with one exception. I will not under any circumstances transfer data on your behalf to others involved in your dispute, as this will conflict with my practice rights granted to me by CILEx Regulation.

Dean V Talbot FCILEx

Chartered Legal Executive and Commissioner for Oaths