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"Dean is helping me in a way that I am pretty sure, that many other Solicitors would not. It isn't all about the money with him, he has a genuine interest in helping people in need. I am so grateful to him". Miss K.F. (Eltham, London)

Why is "Small Claims Assistance" different?


When you need help with a Small Claims Court case, the available options in the legal market are invariably:

  1. Unqualified and inexperienced case handlers, and often not the same person throughout your case, or;
  2. No win, no fee Small Claims agreements, charging nothing up front, but seeking to take a large cut of your damages, or;
  3. Cheap templates for you to complete yourself, which, without legal advice, introduce unnecessary risk...

Just as with large cases, people need experienced legal help with Small Claims. People should be able to have inexpensive expert legal help with their Small Claim.

I provide:

  • A partner level practitioner dealing with your case;
  • A practitioner who is not only highly experienced, but also a fully qualified lawyer;
  • The reassurance of dealing with a fully insured organisation;
  • I draft your court forms, letters and documents for you;
  • Your letters and documents drafted from scratch, rather than using templates to save time;
  • A one to one service tailored to the requirements of your specific case;
  • You choose as much or as little assistance as your budget or ability allows;
  • All of this for low fixed fees. No commission. No add-ons.

In addition to drafting your documents and advising you, I also provide free support throughout your case.

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Affordable reliable claims service


Low fixed fees expert advice added value

Expert legal assistance at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor.

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