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"My only regret was not using their services from the start as this would have saved me a lot of time and stress and made me aware of what to expect from the start". Mr O.C. Whitminster, Gloucestershire.

No hidden extras;

No commission.


Our Fees

My fee structure is designed so that you can purchase as much or as little assistance as you require.

You can have assistance from the beginning to the end of the process, or, if you prefer, you can select assistance with only selected areas of the process.

As the Small Claims process is designed for litigants in person, my services do not include court attendance, neither do they include enforcement of judgements, although I can recommend organisations that will assist you with both. I am assisting you with your claim, not acting for you. I can however draft all letters and court documents for you.

Also, in addition to the drafting and advice services, I provide free support throughout your case.

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Our Fees

ItemOur Fee
Initial Advice and Letter of Claim£70†
Claim Form and Particulars of Claim£70†
Application for Judgement (CPR 12)£18
Advice on opponent's Defence (pursuing a claim)£35*
Drafting Defence (defending a claim)£140**
Directions Questionnaire£35
Advice on Court Directions£35
Advice on opponent's Disclosure of documents and Witness Evidence£70†
Advice on preparation for Trial£35*
Application Notice (drafting for you, or responding to opponent's application), including Applications for Judgement under CPR 24£70†
Other court documents£35*
General telephone/email advice£35*
Mobile swear service£60.00 - £75.00 (see below)
*Equates to 30 minutes work. If longer required, charged at hourly rate.†Equates to one hour’s work. If longer required, charged at hourly rate.**Equates to two hours work. If longer required, charged at hourly rate.I will always agree with you beforehand if work should cost more than the fixed fee.(Other unspecified services charged at £70.00/hr).

If you have documents you need sworn or witnessed by a lawyer, and for more details of the MOBILE SWEAR SERVICE, CLICK HERE

Hidden Fees

ever wondered why some debt recovery firms don't display their fees online?

No Win, No Fee

Why i don't offer no win no fee services

"People say: Devil's in details. I would say Dean is the right person to beat that devil. Absolute professional person, knows exactly how to protect his clients and very firm in his defence. The most important point I have noticed when dealing with Dean is that he was honest and always explains every single action he is going to take. In term of fees, I believe Dean's charges are relatively low comparing with the market rates". Abdullah Razzouk (Director, Taza Bake Ltd)

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