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"Your advice & expertise has once again proved invaluable" Phil Sheehan, Accounts Supervisor, Thomas Legal Group

Over 25 years' legal experience; Fully qualified.


About me

I am a fully qualified lawyer and Commissioner for Oaths. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, and for over 25 years I have worked as a litigator, for the vast majority of that time representing injured people against large companies and insurance companies with a high rate of success. Immediately prior to starting Small Claims Assistance, I worked as a Partner in a firm of solicitors, and was among the first 30 Legal Executives in the country to be appointed to the position of Partner in 2009. You can find me here. As a CILEx member, I am also independently regulated by CILEx Regulation. I am also fully insured, and am registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner's Office.

My work has been hugely diverse, ranging from all kinds of contractual disputes to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. One of my cases, which I dealt with on behalf of the family of the injured and deceased, was described by the police at the time as "the most serious road traffic accident ever in Gloucestershire". I have dealt with contractual disputes, minor, serious and fatal injury cases, holiday disputes, warranty disputes, rental disputes, consumer disputes and almost all types of civil claim.

In the past, I have also worked for insurance companies and am therefore familiar with the methods that they use to deny claims. Many years ago I left the world of insurers and have ever since fought for the rights of claimants against insurers and big business. I have long believed passionately that there should be equality of arms between a claimant and defendant in court. The numerous changes in civil litigation legislation since 2013 have made it less likely that the claimant will be on an equal footing with the defendant. In the Small Claims Court, with the "no costs" rule, this has always been a difficult issue, precisely because large companies and insurers still pay for lawyers, when claimants cannot afford them.

The rise from £5,000 to £10,000 in the Small Claims Limit from 1st April 2013, means that those with larger claims who would have been able to pay a solicitor for legal help, and then recover their legal costs if successful, can no longer do so. This has further reduced access to justice for those with a financial grievance, because larger claims tend to take more work to prove, and tend to be fought harder. This legal work generates legal costs that you will not recover even if you win, and therefore this rule change has increased the proportion of cases that may never be brought. If you cannot recover your legal costs even if you win, it is often uneconomical to start an action at all, and many people may now write off their loss over £5,000, as they have often done under £5,000.

After the Small Claims Limit was increased to £10,000, I decided that I wanted to use my qualifications and experience to help those who had to face the daunting prospect of court action on their own.  I wanted to offer legal advice and assistance, and to do so for low fixed fees that would bring justice in the Small Claims Court within the reach of everyone, not just those with means.

At Small Claims Assistance, your case is not dealt with in a call centre, and is not dealt with by an unqualified and inexperienced junior, but by myself, a fully qualified and highly experienced lawyer with decades of experience of civil litigation. 

Dean V. Talbot FCILEx

Director, Chartered Legal Executive and Commissioner for Oaths.


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