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"I very much appreciate all the help you have given me, you have been incredibly generous with your time. I just wish I'd found you sooner" Ms J. Bennett, Managing Director, Tracks&Poles&Things Ltd

Expert legal assistance at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor.


Testimonials  (page1)

Individual Legal Guides

"I find your guides to be clearly written and helpful, just the job".

Mr G.F. Worthing

Legal Guide Pack

"I purchased your small claims guide earlier this year, which has been useful for me".

SK West Midlands


"People say: Devil's in details. I would say Dean is the right person to beat that devil. Absolute professional person, knows exactly how to protect his clients and very firm in his defence. The most important point I have noticed when dealing with Dean is that he was honest and always explains every single action he is going to take, this shows a lot of respect to the client regardless what background or level of education they came from. In term of fees, I believe Dean's charges are relatively low comparing with the market rates. Many thanks Dean and wish you all the success in your career life".

Abdullah Razzouk (Director, Taza Bake Ltd)

Consumer Dispute and Legal Guides

"We are both so SO grateful for your advice. You are very impressive and take no prisoners".

"I can't recommend Dean highly enough. We needed help in guiding us through the process of taking someone to Court and he told us exactly what we needed to do and say, provided us with the necessary wording and forms, and generally made sense of our ramblings - the end result being that the Defendant settled in full before the proceedings had to be issued. We are so grateful to Dean and know we wouldn't have been able to do this without him.

Also wanted to review his amazing helpful guidance leaflets. They literally tell you exactly what is needed, what to do next, what to say, which documents you need, how to collate them, and templates that you just need to fill in. Basically, any information or help you need to sort out your claim, Dean has already thought of. Fantastic."

Mrs A.H. (North Tuddenham)

Business Dispute

"Many thanks to Dean for sorting an ongoing issue that another firm of solicitors were unable to resolve. Dean's commitment, communication, dedication and professionalism were exemplary and all done at a fraction of the cost. Would highly recommend".

Chris Church, Director, Windcrew Workboats Ltd

Consumer Dispute

"We needed assistance after a company carried out shoddy repairs and refused to put them right. Dean took us through the whole process of how to prepare for court action. We had never done this before, it seemed very daunting. However, with Dean's help everything was straightforward and we were successful with our claim."

Mr P.H. (North Tuddenham)

Business Dispute

"Local legal representation is expensive, so I turned to the internet. I came across Dean at Small Claims Assistance. I rang him, we talked, I left that conversation confident in his ability and assured my scenario could be resolved. I had a lot of emails with specific events that have to put in the correct order for my Letter Before Action. Dean must have read everything because he was able to extract the core arguments while retaining the required details and put it in a polite and respectful way (I was too involved to do this myself). The case took a few twists and turns and Dean was there to give me assurances and make suggestions. At each stage his fees were transparent honest and value for money. My case has a happy ending with the defendant settling out of court paying in full. If your a bit worried or scared of the legal process this is money well spent!"

Rueben Derrick, Director,

Occupier Waiver Meeting

"I would not hesitate to recommend Dean, who was professional and responded quickly to our request. He went out of his way to help us quickly and work around our schedule. Thank you Dean".

Mr C.B. Stroud, Gloucestershire

Consumer Dispute

"Dean at Small Claims Assistance, was highly recommended to me and he has been absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. He has been there for me every step of the way and has been helpful and insightful and above all, understanding. He has been truthful and thorough in his explanations/advice and was really positive about all aspects of my case. He also believed me, which emotionally speaking is so important when the opposing party is accusing you of being deceitful. I received the whole amount owed (before attending court) which is fantastic. If it wasn't for him, I would have been 'bullied' into dropping my case and would have walked away empty handed. I cannot thank Dean enough".

Miss R.W. (Reigate, Surrey)


"Having Dean's expert opinion and advice was invaluable when we had to (successfully) defend what proved to be a vexatious claim. He has pitched his service perfectly and is extremely good value. We would highly recommend Small Claims Assistance."

Andrew Fraser, Managing Director, Fraser Design Associates Limited

Consumer Dispute

"Following many weeks of a claim I had against a sound proofing company, I was being totally ignored. I asked the company many times to assist me, sent emails, telephoned, all was ignored. I was left with few options, so following communication with Dean, I was happy for him to prepare the court application to recover my claim.

I sent a copy of the court application to the defendant & within 24hours received a cheque for the full amount & a letter of apology.

I am certain this reaction was due to Deans expert advice & document preparation. Thank you Dean"

Mr P.J.R. (Preston, Lancs)

Non Payment of Invoices

"As a law firm, we occasionally need to use the debt collection services offered by Small Claims Assistance. Dean Talbot has given consistently excellent, timely, easy to understand advice to enable us to recover our money every time. Dean is a true expert in his field and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Small Claims Assistance to anybody. Even as a solicitor myself, it often makes little sense to instruct a firm of solicitors to recover relatively small sums. Dean offers the perfect solution and great value for money. Very highly recommended".

Claire Barker, Partner, Equilaw Ltd


"We would like to thank you again for all the help and advise you gave us, you gave us advise throughout, and always on the end of an email, responding almost immediately, without your experience and knowledge we probably wouldn't have got the result we did. If ever we needed legal advise again there would be no doubt that you would be the right person to help us".

Mr and Mrs D.(Gloucester, Gloucestershire).


"Finding Dean was a privilege. It was wonderful to have access to his skills and knowledge at an affordable price, without the fear that I was going to have to be continually putting my hand in my pocket . He was always accessible and very professional. Dean gave advice, compiled documents and held my hand throughout the whole legal process which was successful. He reassured me and made me feel confident. It is wonderfully reassuring to know that he is there should I ever need his expertise again. Thank you so much Dean, I can't express how appreciative I am".

Mrs P.L. (Norwich, Norfolk)

Breach of Consumer Contract

"At the very 11th hour the money went in. I was being prematurely pessimistic after 18 months of letter tennis/sweeping me under the carpet. My biggest regret is not going to you before. You believed I was truthful as opposed to the prior 'solicitor' (whom I'll also review online!). I will gladly recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks for solving a long running headache for me. I can't thank you enough. Will send future clients your way for sure. You've been an ethical diamond".

Mr D.M. (London)

Consumer Dispute

"Having made a claim with the small claims court I used Small Claims Assistance to provide assistance on my case when things got complicated and the Court gave me a deadline to submit an amended statement and the defendant threatened to sue me for damages.

I was very impressed with the level of service given, having a very limited understanding of the laws and legal terms that were required to be used in my documents and those sent to me. I was grateful for the comprehensive advice given. I was on a very tight timescale requiring me to submit an amended document to the courts before they withdrew my claim and I risked being liable for costs incurred by the defendant.

Small Claims Assistance worked quickly to review my whole case and provide me with advice in time to successfully resolve the claim resulting in a successful settlement paid out of court.

My only regret was not using their services from the start as this would have saved me a lot of time, stress and made me aware of what to expect from the case from the start. I would definitely use their services again and recommend to anyone in the same situation".

Mr O.C. (Whitminster, Gloucestershire)

Building Dispute

"Dean was very knowledgeable and helpful regarding the small claims process, he is very fairly priced for the work he completed for me but more than that he is always on the telephone for advice. I won my case which I am very pleased about and am currently using Dean's services for a separate case. I definitely recommend Dean's services" .

Mr J.H. (Linden, Gloucester)

Business Dispute

"I am familiar with instructing large, very expensive legal firms in my career and am used to understanding that this does not necessarily get you the best - or even competent - advice. So, when faced with a situation with a smaller company where cost and speed was very much an issue I contacted Dean having seen the common-sense advice he offered via an on-line law forum.

The help and support received regarding every aspect of my situation, from general principles in determining the worth of a claim to the specific drafting of documents, has been immensely beneficial, speedy and incredible value for money.

If you need really practical, pragmatic assistance (without the normal cheque book spiral) when faced with a legal issue: I have no hesitation in recommending Dean".

Mr Max Hellicar, Amexease Ltd (Hove, East Sussex)

Business Dispute

"I contacted Dean from Small Claims Assistance about a small claims case. Dean proved to be incredibly efficient, helpful and made the whole process stress-free. He gave detailed, expert advice and guidance throughout the process and is always contactable. If you are looking for clear, truly affordable advice and help with Small Claims I would highly recommend Dean."

Miss I.C. (London)

Financial Dispute

"Dean was recommended through a friend and from day one has been exceptional with helping us through proceedings. Dean has been straight to the point, great value for money, very knowledgeable and close in contact whenever we have needed. We took great comfort obtaining advice from Dean each time we received a solicitors letter which was very daunting having had no previous experience of solicitors. After every phone call with Dean it was a relief to know where we stood and what response would be needed. Have had a case ongoing for 3 years and couldn't have dealt with it without the help I was provided. I highly recommend Dean and if in future the need arises he will be my first port of call".

Mr G.J. (Lydney, Gloucestershire)


"I recently used Dean to help me with a legal case. I can't speak highly enough of Dean. I'm pleased to say following his help the case was dropped and I am a very happy customer. Would definitely recommend".

Long Locks Hair & Beauty Lounge, Durham

Drafted Terms and Conditions

"I used Small Claims Assistance to produce terms and conditions for my small business and would highly recommend them. I will definitely use them again in the future".

Kate Winn, Owner KEW Personal Management.

Action Against Public Authority

"I was involved as the claimant in a Small Claims action against a Public Authority. Attempted to deal with the action myself but felt I was losing the case on the paperwork side alone. Consulted with Dean and he waded through my paperwork with clinical precision, didn't miss any points and his summary of the case was spot on. Dean discussed the case in-depth with me and advised on issues in the case that I had not even considered. Should I be need to raise another action in a Small Claims Court, Dean would be my first port of call. Thank you, Dean".

Mr I.B. (Glasgow, Lanarkshire)

Vehicle Dispute

"Dean's service is second to none. I was immensely grateful for his expert and very timely advice on my case. He was exceptionally generous with his time, and the detailed directions he gave offered me a structured way forward. Thank you, Dean".

Ms G.W. (London SW20)

Commercial Dispute

"Having been unsuccessful in resolving a matter amicably we commenced proceedings against a company who infringed our copyright & intellectual property. Everything was straight forward until we received a court order, requesting lots more information prior to a hearing. Our company solicitor whilst very good at commercial matters, shied away from an IP case, a quick e-mail to Dean, supplying all the documentation we had to hand, along with the court order, Dean advised on the best way to proceed with the case, and how to present the documentation to the court. We successfully secured a judgement against the defendant, the judge took time to make a special comment about how well presented the case was. Without Dean's advice I doubt we'd have been able to present such a clear, precise and accurate case to the court... and best of all... it didn't cost an arm and a leg!

Thank you Dean!"

David Hammond, Director, Seymour Sign and Print

Non Payment of Goods

"I found Small Claims Assistance through the Internet, and with not much hope of getting my £1000 back from a scammer who reversed her payment, which she owed me for purchased goods, I thought I'd message Small Claims Assistance for help. I was advised from the first email how they would be able to help, and they told me their fees clearly, what it would cost to start a claim, and escalate it. In the end, the scammer admitted to the courts that they owed me the money (£1000) and agreed to pay it back (monthly). The fees were reasonable and Dean helped me at each step".

Aman Singh, Director, Hover Wheels Midlands/Dhol Passion

Defective Vehicle

"I was fortunate enough to find Small Claims Assistance whilst going through what I thought was a straight forward small claim, and I can not recommend them highly enough. They are thorough, helpful, patient, professional and what I found refreshing was human! Nothing was done before it was explained in detail, and for me especially in "layman's terms" and also the cost of each process, and they did work for me above and beyond what I expected. It was a real pleasure to deal with Small Claims Assistance, and the result I got I would have never achieved without them, absolutely brilliant from start to the finish".

Mr. J.P. (King's Lynn, Norfolk)

Business Dispute

"Dean Talbot is clear & concise in legal expertise. His rates are reasonable. Dean is a diamond in the rough. Affordable, thorough. To come across legal expertise at affordable rates is welcome to SME. Highly recommended"

Tracey McMahon, Director - Support and Housing, East Lancashire (SHE)

Vehicle Purchase Dispute

"Legal advice doesn`t have to cost a fortune! Quick response, sound advice and *main dealer* dealership gave in after just one letter written by Dean. Would use again."

Mr R.A. (Hayes, Middlesex)

Consumer Dispute

"Having found myself in a rather unfortunate situation and not being in a financial position to appoint a firm of Solicitors, I found Small Claims Assistance on the internet. Dean Talbot was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and he was able to help me resolve the situation swiftly. This professional service not only cost me a fraction of what a Solicitor would charge, the whole process was also concluded far quicker than I anticipated".

Mrs A.R. (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire)


"I contacted Small Claims Assistance initially for advice and found the service to be professional but personal at the same time with quality advice and support. Any queries were responded to almost immediately and provided me with peace of mind. I would highly recommend their services to friends and family."

Miss A.L. (Lincoln, Lincs)

Business Dispute

"I very much appreciate all the help you have given to me, you have been incredibly generous with your time. I am very grateful for your help and advice, I believe it stood us in good stead, I just wish I'd found you sooner"

Ms J. Bennett, Managing Director, Tracks&Poles&Things Ltd

Building Dispute

"Dean is helping me in a way that I am pretty sure, that many other Solicitors would not. It isn't all about the money with him, he has a genuine interest in helping people in need. I am so grateful to him".

Miss K.F. (Eltham, London)

Non Payment of Invoices

"Dean helped us with a small claims case over a couple of disputed invoices for a client project. No-one wants to take legal action so it was reassuring to have an expert who had been there before and could advise us at every point. More importantly, we saved a huge amount compared to the costs of going to a solicitor. Thanks to Dean, we were confident of what to do at every stage, and ended up settling before it got to court. Thanks!"

Ben Jeffery, Client Director, Bluelinemedia Ltd


"I found Small Claims Assistance to be a most professional and personable company, who offered me an amazing service and assisted where other solicitors couldn't. I believe that Dean is sincerely interested in helping people, which is very refreshing in this day and age...I would recommend him and the company 100%".

"I am so grateful for your help; you have restored my faith in Mankind".

Yvonne Serrant, Director, YS Parcels Ltd (Elland, West Yorkshire)

Consumer Dispute

"A colleague recommended that we contact Dean after our wedding venue changed ownership and refused to honour our booking or provide a refund. Upon Dean's advice we managed to not only obtain a full refund but compensation also. We wouldn't have been able to achieve the same outcome without the impeccable service which we received from Dean. We would have no hesitation in recommending Small Claims Assistance and cannot thank Dean enough for all of his help".

Miss S.S. (Tuffley, Gloucestershire)

Franchise Dispute

"I thank you for your help and generosity for your advice and also for your understanding with regards to my financial difficulties which I am grateful for. Also, thank you for helping me by keeping cost down, I appreciate it."

Marie St.Mart, Director, Lifetimecare Quality Consultancy Ltd, London


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