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"Dean's expert advice was invaluable when we had to (successfully) defend a vexatious claim. He has pitched his service perfectly and is extremely good value. We would highly recommend Small Claims Assistance." Andrew Fraser, (Fraser Design Associates Ltd)

Inexpensive Legal Advice and  Assistance.


Our Services

I provide assistance to small businesses and consumers with claims of less than £10,000 ("Small Claims"). I charge LOW FIXED FEES, with no commission. I am frequently asked for help by clients who are already involved in litigation, either as a claimant or as a defendant, and who find themselves out of their depth. I can help you whatever stage your case has reached. As solicitors typically charge by the hour and cannot recover their legal costs in Small Claims cases, it is uneconomical for most solicitors to take on your case.

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, with over 25 years' experience of Court work. Because I do not directly represent you in your case, but offer advice and assistance with document drafting only, I am able to offer this service at much lower prices than a solicitor's practice. The costs that you pay may not be recoverable from your opponent, even if you win, however Court fees ARE recoverable from your opponent if you win.

Defence of Legal Action

If you have received notification that a person or an organisation is taking legal action against you, I can help. Click below to find out how I can assist you.

Legal Guides - DIY your own case

For those on a tight budget, I have written comprehensive guides to help you in preparing your small claim properly. These guides will help you navigate the maze of rules and ensure you maximize your prospects of success.

Fixed Fee telephone Advice

30 Minutes advice over the phone for £35.

Other Services - Bespoke Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions drafted to the exact requirements of your business can protect you when disputes arise, and do not have to be expensive.

Equity Release Occupier Waiver Advice - Home Visits

Other Services - Mobile Swear Service

Legal Templates

can they do more harm than good?

Legal Templates

Are they a false economy?

"I had been totally ignored by the defendant. I sent the court papers drafted by Dean to the defendant. Within 24hrs I received full payment & a letter of apology. I am certain this was due to Dean's expert advice & document preparation." Mr P.R. (Preston, Lancs)

Bespoke Terms and Conditions drafted to your exact requirements.

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