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"A colleague recommended Dean after our wedding venue changed ownership and refused to honour our booking or provide a refund. Upon Dean's advice we managed to not only obtain a full refund but compensation also". Miss S.S. (Tuffley, Gloucestershire)

Witness Statements - the EASY way to comply with the rules.


Witness Statements- Getting Them Right Is CRUCIAL To Success

In civil proceedings, one of the standard directions issued by the courts in the path from issue of proceedings to trial, is that the parties must exchange witness statements. There are detailed rules about the form and content of witness statements, and if you do not comply with these rules, you run the risk of being unable to speak at your own trial. At best, you may be subject to costs penalties for non compliance. At worst, the consequences of not complying are the loss of your case at trial.

The Civil Procedure Rules can tell you how to draft these documents correctly, but even the rules do not tell you how to prepare a statement which will "sell" your case to a Judge, and thereby maximise your prospects of success.

I provide:

• A pre-formatted draft document for you to use for your witness statement;

• Detailed instructions to enable you to produce a statement which will maximise your prospects of success with your case.

My draft document is already compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules, and provided you insert your text in accordance with the instructions I provide, your statement will be already be fully compliant with the rules, which could save you a considerable amount of time and worry.


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