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A Comprehensive Guide to Preparation of your Small Claim.



The Small Claims Track of the County Court process applies to all contractual and damage claims up to a value of £10,000. For the larger claims it is well worth you spending money on bespoke legal advice and assistance on your case, but for those with losses of less than £1,000, you may not feel able to justify spending what you rightly regard as a significant proportion of your debt on legal assistance.

For those with low value small claims, I have prepared a Claimant's Guide which will enable you to prepare your case properly and maximise your prospects of success.

Into my Pre-Claim Preparation Guide, I have also packed the answers to all of the common problems and legal landmines my clients have come across since I started my business.

It will ensure that you:

• Understand the risks associated with pursuing even a small claim;

• Understand what you have to prove to win;

• Name the correct defendant;

• Understand what evidence you will need to prove your claim;

• Know what information you need to provide in your court documents for the court to understand and accept your case;

• Understand what information you need to provide regarding your losses;

• Understand the importance and purpose of witness statements;

• Understand why and when you need expert evidence, and how to arrange a compliant report;

• Know how to calculate and present your claim for interest;

• Know what your liability for legal costs is likely to be, if any;

• Know what legal costs you as a claimant are able to recover.

This is available for £9.50. 

You can see what the guide covers here, and if you would like a copy, please email me.


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A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing your Small Claim

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