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"I received the whole amount owed (before attending court) which is fantastic. If it wasn't for him, I would have been 'bullied' into dropping my case, and would have walked away empty handed. I cannot thank Dean enough". Miss R.W (Reigate, Surrey)

Five things you didn't know about Small Claims.


....and why you need legal help:

  1. SOLICITORS ARE OFTEN UNAFFORDABLE - Solicitors normally charge by the hour, and even if you win you cannot recover your legal costs from your opponent.
  2. EVEN BIG CLAIMS CAN BE SMALL CLAIMS - The Government raised the Small Claims Limit on 1st April 2013 from £5,000 to £10,000. This means that people and small businesses with much larger and more complicated claims have to pursue them themselves.
  3. YOUR OPPONENT MAY STILL USE SOLICITORS - Even though under the Small Claims process the winner cannot recover their costs, your opponent may still use solicitors, especially if they are a large company or an insurer.
  4. THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS THE PREPARATION - Even good cases are lost because of inadequate preparation. If you go to trial, you will be facing an opponent who is trying as hard as you are to win. You can make sure that you are as prepared as possible by having assistance throughout the process.
  5. SMALL CLAIMS CAN BE AS COMPLICATED AS BIG CLAIMS - A claim doesn't have to be large to be complicated. Without legal assistance, it is very easy to make fundamental mistakes which could defeat your claim before it starts, such as suing the wrong legal entity or citing the wrong law, (or not citing the right law).  I can provide you with expert legal advice and assistance at LOW FIXED FEES. Click below to contact me, or for more information.


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Without legal assistance in Court proceedings, you may be at a disadvantage.

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