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"I would not hesitate to recommend Dean, who was professional and responded quickly to our request. He went out of his way to help us quickly and work around our schedule. Thank you Dean". Mr C.B, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Occupier Waivers - quick, cheap, reliable legal advice.


Can't find a lawyer to advise your occupier? I come to your home.

If you:

  • Are applying for release of equity from your home;
  • Have an occupier aged 17 or over living at your home who is not a co-owner;

You will probably be required to have your occupier sign a form before your application can complete. The advice given on the Equity Release Council website is as follows:

"Most lenders will agree that you can share your home with a partner/son/daughter/carer or other relative but will almost always insist that the occupier signs a waiver, confirming that they will move out as soon as you are no longer living at the property (usually because you have died or moved into long-term care). Many lenders also insist that the occupier has independent legal advice, which will need to be with a different solicitor to the one that you have instructed to act for you. Please be aware that this will add to your legal fees, so we recommend that you shop around to obtain a quote" *.

I have been meeting equity release applicants for several years to assist them in the execution of their agreements. I have met numerous clients whose lodgers are required to sign waiver forms before the application can proceed, and the three most common things I hear from these clients on the subject of their occupiers' waiver forms are:

  1. "I've spoken to every solicitor in the area and no-one will help";
  2. "I've spoken to every solicitor in the area and no-one will do a home visit";
  3. "I've had a couple of quotes, both above £500".

If any of this rings a bell, I can help. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives whose members are independently regulated by CILEx Regulation. I will come to your home, and I charge a flat fee of £175*. If you are outside my area, I can still reach you although the fee may be slightly higher. In most cases, I can get to you within 7 days.

I carry out these appointments as face to face meetings only, in the comfort of your own home.

If you need a lawyer to provide your occupier with independent legal advice, contact me today on 07947 226637.

*For more than one occupier waiver at the same address within my area of coverage during office hours (and at the same meeting), £175 for the first, and £75 each, for each subsequent occupier.

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