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"I believe that Dean is sincerely interested in helping people, which is very refreshing in this day and age. I would recommend him 100%"..."I am so grateful for your help; you have restored my faith in Mankind". Yvonne Serrant, Director. YS Parcels Ltd (W.Yorks)

How to complete your Directions Questionnaire



An important step in any litigated claim** is the completion and return of your DIRECTIONS QUESTIONNAIRE. The information you give in this form will determine the path of your case through the court.

If you get this wrong:

  • your case may not be allocated to the Small Claims Track, and you may be at risk of paying your opponent's legal fees if you lose;
  • you may not be able to use at trial the evidence you need to win your case.

This guide will show you how to complete your Directions Questionnaire properly, and, more importantly, will explain to you the legal and procedural implications of the answers you give. It is only appropriate for claims of up to £10,000, and is not suitable for cases being allocated to the Fast or Multi Tracks.

This guide is intended for general contractual or damage disputes, and is not applicable for personal injury claims, claims for defamation or harassment, or for landlord/tenant repair or eviction disputes

**This guide will not assist you in the new Online Money Claims "Beta" process.

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