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"Dean took time to listen to my requirements, and was happy to amend my document even after I had approved it. This affordable service has allowed me to move my business on to a professional level". Caroline Wills, Clean Sweep Cleaning Co. (Stourbridge).

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It is no less important for small businesses, than it is for large businesses, to have soundly drafted terms and conditions. Unfortunately however, limited resources often mean that small businesses do not have their own formal terms of business drafted. I see the fallout of this not infrequently, when disputes arise involving businesses, who, due to an absence of clear business terms, find that their rights will be more difficult, and therefore more expensive, to enforce.

It is important that the terms you use are tailored to your precise requirements. Adapting templates, or terms borrowed from other businesses, without the benefit of legal advice, can leave you unable to enforce your rights in the event of a dispute. The cost of a bespoke set of terms and conditions does not have to be prohibitive. We work extremely hard to build our businesses. Why take unnecessary risks for the price of an evening out?

I will:

  • Draft terms and conditions from scratch;
  • Review and amend your existing terms;
  • Check your terms and advise on any areas where your business is vulnerable.

If you would like to safeguard your business with terms and conditions tailored to your exact requirements by an experienced lawyer, contact me today, .


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An AFFORDABLE option for legal assistance, when solicitors may not be.

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